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Criminal Clown Prison Escape
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Criminal Clown Prison Escape description:

Hello Kids,

Mole V Studio welcomes you in the world of clown games of criminal clown prison escape game.

Clowns are known as very notorious and naughty characters but you haven’t seen any criminal clown Jipssy working for underworld. While working for underworld Jipssy has been involved in number of robberies especially in supermarket robbery. You would have always seen a clown in the supermarkets as notorious and funny characters for kids but this crazy clown was involved in supermarket robbery and as media highlighted the news on their TV channels & papers Supermarket Clown Robbery, Jipssy became famous creepy clown and later involved in other criminal activities.

This strange clown was also suspected in other city for different crimes, in city gangster clown attack he again highlighted. After city attack the city police tried hard to arrest him and clown gang but they always manage to escape from police. Several times the city police planned to chase the crazy clown but in vain. He is now boss of clown gangster and the underworld as well; but they always closed the file with comments crazy clown chase and clown escape mission.

Recently secret investigation department of army confirmed that the same crazy clown is now involving in other criminal and assassinating activities. His gang assassinated a very famous politician. On the result the US Armed forces called an urgent meeting of armed forces and special secret agencies to make final plan to arrest the creepy clown.

In past, his all criminal clown escape plans, worked out but this time special trained US armed force and secret agent Max and agent Maria have worked together and have another course to chase down this killer clown and his gang.

On reporting of secret agent Max, armed special force chase suspected cars with 5 clowns and they have plan of new supermarket robbery. But in the way, US army chased them secretly, they couldn’t manage to escape and the Killer Clown Chase mission was successful.

Now the notorious and crazy clown is placed in the prison in a high security and protection. In criminal clown escape mission game, he tried a lot to breakout the jail but always failed. He became a prison gangster known as Criminal Clown Gangster hero among other of his fellow prisoners.

Kids, in this criminal clown escape mission, you will get all controls to perform different animations such as walking, kicking, punching and have to escape from other prisoners and security guards.
In this Escape mission, you have to get escape Jipssy the criminal clown from Prison. Following are the different prison escape missions and criminal clown escape techniques:

▪ Creepy criminal clown as players
▪ 3D Prison Environment with amazing corridor & prisoner braces .
▪ Fully equipped security guards
▪ Smooth and intuitive controls
▪ High Quality 2D UI & Graphics
▪ Easy and interesting Game Play
▪ Running, Shooting and walking mode

Thanks for downloading and playing Gangster Clown Escape game. Please send your feedback to improve the quality. For more detail about Mole V studio please visit our facebook page:
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