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Deadly Street:Boxing Master description:

“Deadly Street:Boxing Master” is the coolest Boxing fighting game of 2017. You can experience the thrilling sensation with deadly, awesome fighting combos!

“Deadly Street:Boxing Master”consists of four stages, Each stage takes place in a different section of chaotic city such as the street, Subway, factory and beach, with most rounds featuring more than one level. At the end of each round the boxing fighter joe will face a boss fighter unique to that round. Each Stage have 4 levels, at the end of each stage the player will face a boss fighter unique to that stage.
Street Boxing master sophisticated the features of Action Fighting and Role Playing Game, together have this exciting action fighting game!Enjoy whole game play with nice sound effects and real fighting skills.

“Deadly Street:Boxing Master” delivers sweet nostalgia to you. Challenge yourself role in this addictive, easy to use, old-school arcade FTG game.dazzling skills, unlimited bursts, Violent blow feeling, exquisite game scene,the ups and downs of the story, cool high-quality hit combo action . action game fans not to be missed!
Sophisticated Superb scenes, cool combos and gorgeous special fighting skills,the most thrilling and exciting fighting game! Many props to help you achieve your honor!This super fighting game where you have to show your endurance!
Use super skill to defeat the sin fighters!

“Deadly Street:Boxing Master”Features:
– The most classical Fighting action game Style!
– A tiny installation package which ! You can play without networking!
– Attention focused by millions fighting game fans!
– Silky smooth animations & Cool street fighting skills!
– A metric ton of street fighting COMBOS
– Realistic street fighting sound!
– Easy sliding and touching screen bring about continuously cool Fighting!
– Experience fighting in a relaxing action game!

The “Deadly Street:Boxing Master”Plot:
Ron, will you save me?
Laura, my dearest, I will do everything I can to save you from the hell.
You are Ron, once a homeless gangbanger but after three-year training by Matthew in the Black Organization R, you became one of the important members of this organization. A new mission required you to take Scientist Laura’s life after getting a set of passwords from her. But you fell in love with Laura and learned from her that Matthew were planning to use this code to make a lot of clones for ruling the world. Thus you decided to betray Organization R. But unfortunately Matthew arrested Laura and take her as hostage for exchanging passwords with you. Now, it’s time for you to save your dearest woman and this world. Take your guns, and slay all your opponents.You are the only one who can take the fight to the crime spree in the city and rescue the civilians from this ill fate. you must defeat the evil forces in the boxing master, Punch in all enemies, kick out all other evil fighters.
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