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With Dinosaur war ark is a return to the source into a world filled with giant carnivorous reptile 100 times larger than a shark jaws of steel controlling dinosaurs for the first few times you can sleep do eat and drink prosecuted in Triceratops and Velociraptor

Dinosaur war ark is for a more mature public with a realistic survival mode as well as in the weather condition and displacement movement of spectacular battles strikingly realistic.

With a forward animation system you can control the rotation of the head to give shots triceratops horns or tail to gesticulate Dinosaur war ark provides the opportunity for the first time to control a Brachiosaurus and Pteranodon.

With a super realistic approach details the push for war dinosaur ark is primarily the love of dinosaurs you can sleep roaring lion fights are as varied and offers a lot of fun to play

After Jurassic mount and forget stuff without changing Dinosaur war ark and dignified return and source of the 5 game series now unavoidable pooandplay The team thanks you for your support means a lot to us.
Package Name : com.pooandplay.dinosaurewarsforark

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