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Fighter Combat : Steel City
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Legend has it that the precious and powerful “ Lingzhu” is deeply buried underground of Steel City, which is coated with steel. Whoever conquers the Steel City will possess “ Lingzhu” and dominate the earth. One day extra dimensional aliens attack the city by air; and if they gain control of the city’s air space, they will threaten the security of the city, and even the future of the world.
As a citizen of Steel City, it’s your duty to protect and defend the city and the world. Let’s fight off the invasion of the alien monsters with our combat fighter.
Welcome to the challenge of Fighter Combat. This game is divided into three levels: easy, normal and difficult. There are a various of dazzling skills and BOSS in the game. Take the challenge and see if you can overcome the aliens and save the world!
This is an exciting game for you to play with your family and friends.
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