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Game Bai Online – Bigcard Game description:

Game bai online bigcard is the most popular Vietnamese card game on Smartphones and tablets.
How to play: A standard desk of fifty-two playing cards will be dealt to each of four players equally and the winner is the first to get rid of all one’s cards.

Besides Game tiến lên miền nam (known as Thirteen American Killer), we have the other following games:
– tiến lên miền nam dem la
– Mau binh xap xam
– Lieng – xi to
– Ta la – phom
– Chuong – ba cay
– Xam loc
– Poker, chắn,

Game bai online bigcard
– tiến lên miền nam with three of space in last hand
– Xam có luật báo 1, thối 2, tứ quy
– Mau Binh có so sánh từng chi, thùng phá sảnh, cù lũ, năm đôi một sám, ba thùng, 3 sảnh.
– Chuong có cướp chương, chơi tự động.
– Phom – Ta La có ù khan, ù 3k, 4k ù đền tái gửi.
– With the list of rich top, power top, vip top
– Free to play not need to register

Game bai online Bigcard can automatically reconnect when the connection is lost and player could continue the last uncompleted game. Players can make friend with hot girl, adding phone number and many exciting events.

You will receive immediately 20.000 coins and 5000 coins per day when you register a new account.
If you’ve ever played Ionline, Iwin or Bigkool, then you should try Game bai online Bigcard to feel the difference!

Package Name : com.bigcard.tienlen