Halloween Evolution - Ghosts



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Mix and match the spirits, make them evolve and watch for the appearance of the amazing,
bizarre monsters. You will be able to capture several planets!
Incredible demonic transformations take place before your eyes.
Promote and enrich the nature of Halloween, helping the evolution of ghosts.

It's simple!
* Candy (ice cream, donuts and fruit) - a product of ghost activity. Sweets have every monster!
* Move the dead man one to another, so they published howling and evolved into an advanced dark monster.
* As much as possible, press the ghosts! This encourages them to do more sweets.

* Two beautiful planet - Dark Earth and Mars!
* Four terrifying measurement!
* The story that you create with your own hands
* Four of these deities
* The unexpected combination of something like Alpaca Evolution, 2048, and incremental clickers
* Amazing genetic mutations in various magical animals (vampires, werewolves, birds, elephants, etc.)
* Faces kids are drawn in anime style.

Ghost - is an immortal spirit of a man who died an unnatural death or buried in the tradition. The soul is not properly buried man hovers between heaven and hell, and can not escape into another world.
The tragedy of the ghosts that they are aliens from another world and can not get into another world, where the road is closed to them. Ghost - it is the soul that suffers, because the "astral body" divorced from the physical body, not finding peace. Ghosts can be victims of terrible crimes committed in the old days. Spirit is the victim, feeling naked rage, and looking for his tormentors all the time. Traces of crimes can not be hidden from the ghost, he will pursue his executioners and their ancestors, and their thirst for blood. They want justice. And even if at the time the crime took place and hundreds of thousands of years, bringing remain on the ground, and people are living reminder that every mystery becomes a reality.
Esoteric people - witch hunters. They hunt down ghosts scanners and radar, to arrange their nocturnal ambush and shoot a video camera, but it's pointless. Ghost hunters say that all their "contacts" occurred by chance. Seeker ghosts months can be on duty at night in the place where the usual ghost, but in the end did not see. Confused ghost hunter often has no time to take a camera, bringing the spirit of escape, as if he was not.
Do not be afraid of ghosts, they are both good pets - cats or dogs. They are beings of the other world and try to catch the ghost is doomed to failure. If you try to grab a ghost, paranormal can feel cold and noticed that his hand passes through as through the air. Traps and cunning traps are not able to catch the spirit of the cast. Ghosts have the character as in life. If a person has a sense of humor, the ghost will throw the most incredible jokes and bad people - become villains, scaring the children with their presence. Some ghosts are quiet, while others - arrogant and pushy, some quietly wander through the rooms, while others are monsters and poltergeist, scare people, and with a loud laugh demonic voices.
In the Internet upload photos and videos with ghosts. Myth or reality - argue experts. To find out, you can bring and take pictures there. In the last century formed the whole direction of ghost hunters, who say that the spirit of bringing the magic and consists of photons (particles of light energy), which can leave a glowing trail in the photo.
What would bring you come across on the way it is not necessary to panic and fear when bringing prevent you live, it is better to apply for assistance to the experts or to carry out the necessary magic ritual to expel or exorcism. Usually burned the bones of the deceased.







February 13, 2017

Requires Android

3.0 and up

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