Russian History in Cats



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Marvelous history book for everyone, who loves cats and wants to know more about Russian history. The app provides a glimpse of medieval Russia in short articles of historical events, everyday life, culture from IX to XVI century along with mini-games for each section.

Cat is a favorite pet in Russia from the earliest times. Unique design, inspired by Russian folk culture, and atmospheric soundtrack make learning history more exciting. You can read articles, and colorful cats will respond to your actions.

"Russian History in Cats" is a book, that is absolutely safe for children. It neither contains ads or micro-transactions, nor collects any personal data. It can be suitable for kids from 3 years old: they can interact with cats and enjoy colorful images. Elder children and adults can learn a lot of new facts about the past, medieval life and Russian culture. You can test your knowledge in word games, and if there are any difficulties, cute cats will help you! This cat app is a nice chance to broaden outlook in a fancy way.


???? unique book with gorgeous design
???? 37 articles of medieval Russian history
???? funny animations: cats purr, scratch and blink when you touch them
???? 8 mini-games with unlimited hints
???? 5 charming musical pieces
???? no ads or micro-transactions!

Book parts:
1. The Slavs
2. Handicraft
3. House
4. Religious Beliefs
5. First Settlements
6. Chronicles
7. Oleg the Prophet
8. Rus in the X Century
9. Vladimir
10. Conversion to Christianity
11. Medicine in Rus
12. Cultural Development
13. Yaroslav the Wise
14. Russkaya Pravda
15. Clothes in Rus
16. Congress at Liubech
17. Vladimir Monomakh
18. Food in Rus
19. Principalities
20. Novgorod
21. New Center of Rus
22. The Golden Horde
23. The Yoke
24. Alexander Nevskii
25. Weapons
26. Lithuania
27. Music
28. Princes of Moscow
29. Battle of Kulikovo
30. Rise of Moscow
31. Annexation of Novgorod
32. Decline of the Horde
33. Reforms
34. The Law Code
35. Population
36. The State
37. The Kremlin

Learn history and have fun!







October 10, 2018

Requires Android

4.1 and up

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