Hello Scary Neighbor(Full Act)



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My Craft Shooting 2018



Hello Scary Neighbor is a horror game about sneaking into a neighbor's house, to find out his terrible secrets are hidden in the basement of the house.

Bob is a naughty but smart kid, who likes to play pranks with his neighbors. This time his goal was a newly arrived neighbor who looked suspicious and scary. All the kids call him neighbors scary because no one knows his real name. Dreadful neighbors do not mix with people and hate their children. However, Bob is ready to take on the scary challenge and joke in the game Hello Scary Neighbor.

The house has a camera and the neighbor can easily spot you. In front and back, the windows have traps and you have to be careful so the neighbors do not detect you and get caught.

Whenever there is a suspicious activity in the neighbor's house, Bob stands behind it. Like his mischievous instinct, his quest is looking for some fun, and activities. his is not secretive and unfamiliar to the people of his town. His new target is a scary neighbor, a newcomer who moves to the city. Now he can play all the fun and challenging activities on this mysterious newcomer. People do not know what's going to happen

You are feeling bored and want some fun, and challenging for you. Hello Scary Neighbor is a game that gives you that, exciting, unexpected and full of fear. See how naughty your friends are. This game is scary and fun at the same time.
- The game is not for kids
- The game has no ads
Features Hello Scary Neighbor:
- High quality 3D graphics
- Beautiful and real image
- Wonderful sound
- Smooth and easy control
- Interesting activities, and adventure
- Have map and instructions
- The game can be addictive
Now, download it and join in with friends to enjoy the games Hello Scary Neighbor!







August 2, 2018

Requires Android

4.0 and up

Offered By

My Craft Shooting 2018


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