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Scary Grandpa caught you and locked you in your home.

You have just one way to escape this eerie creepy house, which is to search for the key to the main spooky house gates. You will have to search for the key in every spooky room, checking in the drawers and cupboards without making any house scream noise! If you see the scary evil granny grandpa heading your way, simply duck under the bed or hide in the cupboard to escape the grandpa horror terror.
You have to solve the puzzles inside the house!
If you are so scared, you will have to close your eyes. When you calm down, the character will open his eyes
He hears everything.
If you find syringes. Stick it in the Grandpa and neutralize it. Certainly the effect will pass after a while.
You can hide in wardrobes or desk.
If you drop something, he hears it and comes running.

How To Play Scary Grandpa: Horror game!

- The character is trapped in the spooky room
- Use onscreen touch controls to slide out of the room in escape game
- Use icons to find key in every direction
- Search for the key in cupboards and drawers too.
- On spotting the key, silently rush towards the scream house gate
- Avoid going near the bogeyman
- Make no noise while your escape plan
- If you sense the evil granny grandpa near you, hide under the bed or in the cupboards
- Escape haunted mansion by sneaking from spooky room to another for the key

Features of Scary Grandpa: Horror game!
- Horror asylum creepy house simulation
- Flexible on screen touch controls to control movements
- Lethal Escape game
- Fear house background music effects
- 3 scary evil sneaking neighbor characters of 2 granny and 1 grandpa
- Realistic HD visual graphics

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August 29, 2018

Requires Android

4.4 and up

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