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Welcome to the Momo Granny Rich Soldier game. Only have 5 night at scary horror Zombie granny house, so the task is not easy. All you will have is to find the golden key and escape the fastest scary horror momo rich house.

In this game your task is to find puzzles, solve puzzles and escape the horror house before catching a very scared Momo granny Rich with a hammer in hand.

You must find the escape route from the haunted house, trusts your instincts, you will have to use all the tools that you have at your hand to complete the puzzle and unlock doors finding the key hidden somewhere in structure that will help you get out of here. This is a paranormal horror and creepy game. You must be very careful at clues and at small differences, to think logical at how to escape quickly from this house full of ghosts.

Now you have to try to get out of her house, but be careful and quiet. You have to be mindful of your environment, don’t make noise and hide whenever you hear incoming footsteps. You can hide in wardrobes or under beds, Momo Granny Rich Soldier will constantly roam the house and will attempt to kill you on sight.

- High Quality Graphics and Awesome Sound Effects
- Fearful and tension atmosphere.
- You will feel the terror in your bones
- Live in the horrific horror stories and feel the scream sounds
- Experience Five Horror Spooky Night at Momo Granny Rich Soldier house
- Smooth and Easy Controls

Download Momo Granny Rich Soldier game now and feel the fear in your bones. Thank you!

Good luck!







September 13, 2018

Requires Android

4.0 and up

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GEN Horror Games