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This is Nurse Of Granny Horror Games
You have five nights to escape from the granny-nurse 's house. The nurse will keep you stay next to her granny forever if you can't escape
Nurse Of Granny is very scary woman. She is a nurse of grandmother, lives alone in a haunted house. Nurse should work in a hospital, not an empty hoause.
The scary house's doors are locked by some objects such as locked cabinets, books and chests, etc. Hide inside the cabinets or under the bed if you see the demon. If you release a sound, the scary nurse will know exactly where you are.
She can hear everything, any sound. Be careful, quiet and safely hide in secret places.
Don't let yourself be ruled by your fears. Enjoy the horror games!
Nurse Of Granny is very scary, it is about a mysterious forgotten house which is processed by an very scary granny. No one can see the scary granny in the scary house. The home light offten turned on and off occasionally.
Find all main keys and evil ghosts are inside granny nurse's house, unlock the main door then escape immediately.
Run fast, try to escape immediately from the school. Some people said that they heard screams from the haunted house. A bald head granny with a baseball bat in her hands, she is chasing you.
Don't be caught by the granny, find the way out of the ghost house. Granny is not friendly, she is evil devil, don't let the nurse catch you.
Nurse Of Granny's features:
- Nurse, granny and a lot of keys
- Ghost game: High quality 3D graphics!
- Scary: Smooth and Easy Controls!
- Puzzle: Addictive
- Horror game
- Amazing reality sounds!







September 19, 2018

Requires Android

4.0 and up

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