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Oh no seems like you’re trapped and there is no escape... everything is creepy and spooky and you’re probably getting the goosebumps. How did you get here in the first place? The only possible reason could be... you have been kidnapped!!!

But kidnapped by whom? The evil creepy neighbor or someone else. Oh no... it must be... the scary granny!!! Legend has it that there lives an angry scary granny in neighbourhood who will kidnap anyone who seems like a grandchild to her. When she will kidnap you, she will trap you inside her horror house and not let you go.

Scary Granny and How to Play:
But obviously you can’t stay there forever and have to escape the haunted house at all costs before she does something bad to you. Now that you have been kidnapped by the angry scary granny it is time for you to escape her haunted house where she keeps all the people she will kidnap.

Now this game becomes a survival game house escape. You have 5 days to escape or else the game will be over for you. You’re probably scared but there is a way to get out and you must find it!!

Inside the creepy angry scary granny house there are five rooms and out of the five rooms one room has the key to the main door which is the route to the house escape into the safe neighborhood away from the scary granny and all other creepy neighbors living in that neighborhood.

So to escape from the horror house and the creepy scary granny quietly sneak into all the rooms, find the key and ESCAPE!!!!!!!

Features of Scary Granny Horror House Neighbour Game:
- horror house simulation
- on screen controls
- haunted house realistic graphics
- scary music for extra spooky horror effect
- creepy scary granny simulator
- single player game

Escape now or never. It's up to you to play Scary Granny: Horror Neighbour Game!



Scary Granny




July 29, 2018

Requires Android

4.0 and up

Offered By

Cat Runner - Pet Gold Run Funn


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