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Pumpkin Carve: Halloween Party
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Pumpkin Carve: Halloween Party description:

Fall is finally in the air! Halloween will be here soon, and there are tons of things you need to do! Pumpkins are the most famous sight for this big old scary night, so get ready to light your pumpkins up bright. First you need to grow them big. Plant the seeds, water them right, and harvest a pumpkin you can carve up nice. When they’re ready and you’ve got your tools, design a pumpkin that will frighten the scariest ghouls! With a little work and some cool pumpkins alight, you’ll be ready for an awesome Halloween night!

In Pumpkin Carving, go through the whole process of getting a pumpkin from seed to carved pumpkin on Halloween. It won’t be easy: you’ll have to defend your crop from moles and repair your barn to keep your tools safe. Grow your pumpkins big and soon you’ll see how cool they look on Halloween! When the night finally comes, dress up in your costume for a great party and show your teen friends how cool a carved pumpkin can be!

Product Features:
– Easy to use controls in this fun kids game.
– Two female characters: Tracy and Doris.
– Two male characters: Calvin and Sean.
– Six stages to play!
o Stage 1 – Grow pumpkins
o Stage 2 – Whack the mole
o Stage 3 – Water and harvest
o Stage 4 – Repair the barn
o Stage 5 – Carve your pumpkins
o Stage 6 – Dress up for a Halloween party

How to Play:
– Use interactive controls to select a teen to play.
– Beat each stage by growing pumpkins and getting ready for Halloween.
– Carve your own cool pumpkins!
– Dress up in the perfect costume for Halloween night!

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