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SUPER BABY PUZZLE description:

Solve the puzzle, wherever you are!
Suitable for children over 30 months.
The kids train for understanding the forms and their motor skills having to place the pieces in the right of the drawing.
Play with your child !
At the first play, the child may not be able to find the location of pieces.
Play the game with your baby consistently for a few days or weeks, and you will be surprised at the mobile development of your child’s hand .
This game must be played in the presence of a parent, and it is encouraged for you to guide the child through play at first .

★ When to play!
○ When the child is irritable or will not stop crying , playing this app can keep the attention of your child. ( The various sounds , animated animals , and the vibrations stimulate the curiosity of the child. )
○ This application can show better results than rattles or dolls.
○ This application is particularly useful for parents who spend all the time with their children , but can not figure out how to fill that time.

※ attention
○ Play the question of an excessive amount of time or leave the children alone with the device is not encouraged.
○ Be cautious of injury due to falling unit . ( Place the device on a flat surface or hold it in your hand. )
バーバパパ 世界をまわる Baabapapa sekai wo mawaru

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